Louise Erdrich’s “The Round House”

The Round HouseThe Round House by Louise Erdrich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In 1988, Joe Coutts’s mother Geraldine is raped by an unknown assailant. She isolates herself in her bedroom, refusing to talk about the attack. Her self-imposed isolation leaves Joe and Joe’s father, Bazil to fend for themselves.

When Joe becomes frustrated with the lack of progress in his mother’s case, the thirteen year-old takes matters into his own hands. His search takes him to The Round House, where the attack occurred, and which rests close to the boundaries of three different jurisdictions. Since the exact location of the attack is unknown, there is no way to determine who has jurisdiction over the case. Frustrated, and wanting to free his mother from her prison of fear, Joe takes matters into his own hands, a choice with life-long ramifications.

Highly recommended.

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